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Film Production Documentation

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Lucid Dreaming Pitch Deck.jpg

Pitch Deck


Film Summary, Synopsis, Characters, Locations, Dream
Production Schedule, The Larger Project, Contact Details

Plot points

This document contains all the plots points in the narrative order, and colour coded:

YELLOW - 1980s Beach house - Macy & Jacob

PINK - TV Panel Show - Dream Experts

BLUE - All Dreamers

GREY - POV Dream Sequences


Script Document

This is the draft script document for Lucid Dreaming.

I am still making tweaks to the dialogue, but the scenes themselves are final. The script document is 35 pages, however once you add the TV panel dialogue (to be developed further prior to rehearsal), dream sequences, and make allowances for the shooting style my script timing estimates the film duration to be 72 minutes.

Mood boards

This is the mood board for the first scheduled day of filming. There are lots of close ups with a few key wide shots. The lighting is high contrast, directional, and embraces shadows and some highlights. Where possible the wide shots will be frames within frames or wide shots surrounded by foreground elements (but not to give the feeling of someone watching) and/or some sort of unusual angle (top down, low, high, dutch tilt, etc.)

Mood Boards.jpg
1980s - Hardwicke Bay - Beach House.png

Colour Palette

Colour palettes can be very useful the director, production designer, cinematographer and colourist.

This colour palette was made using 

Production Design Breakdown

Each element within the script is marked up, including:  CastStuntsExtrasSpecial EffectsPropsVehicles / AnimalsWardrobeMakeup/HairSound FX / MusicSpecial EquipmentProduction Notes

Script Breakdown Template.jpg
Call sheets.webp

Call Sheets

A call sheet is the daily schedule for a film shoot. Think of it as the game plan: it tells the cast and crew where to be, when to be there, and what is being shot.  It includes essential details like locations, call times, and scenes.  They keep everyone on the same page—literally!

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