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The Feature Film

UPDATE - Watch the film now on YouTube  

Lucid Dreaming

what if dreams could change reality?

The film is a non-linear narrative, delving into the subconscious and surreal. In the late 1980s join Macy as she comes to terms with her trauma through self-reflection and dream journaling, only to discover the ability to lucid dream. Be taken on a journey of discovery, exploring dreams through a unique first-person point of view perspective. Macy finds that lucid dreaming can unlock the potential of the human mind by accelerating learning and developing greater internal awareness. Lucid Dreaming will appeal to anyone who has every had a dream, and wanted to change the world.

In terms of the production itself I am very limited in time and money. This isn’t a big budget film, it fits right into the micro budget feature film category, the type of film you can save up and self-finance, or find a small grant to fund it. So, the plan is to play to my strengths and produce a film with my available resources. From the outset I want the film to be a visual experience with minimal dialogue, which for me means faster filming and therefore less shoot days, a win if you only have limited resources.  For the dreams themselves I am sourcing free stock footage from around the world under Creative Commons licenses. The dream footage will all be from the first-person point of view perspective because that’s how many people dream. These dream sequences will be experimental in nature, and I aim to cover all the typical dreams – flying, water, running and the night terrors too. In an attempt to raise the overall production value I’m going to try a few things, like filming a mock TV show with a panel of dream experts in a virtual production studio, 15 minutes of screen time all in single day, which is super-efficient. Finally, I am always on the lookout for found locations that suit the narrative and require very little set dressing, which again saves both time and money.

I’ve set myself the challenge of making the film within 100 days. This includes preproduction, production, and post production. My day one is 15th August and day 100 is 23rd November 2023. On day one I am starting with a script, and by day 100 I must have the film complete and ready to show you.

Lucid Dreaming, a dreamer floats in the sky
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