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Making a Feature Film in 100 Days

From script to screen, 15th August - 23rd November 2023

UPDATE - Watch the film now on YouTube  

The 100 day project

Hello, my name is Tom, I am filmmaker. I’ve set myself the challenge of making a feature film within 100 days. On day one I am starting with the script, and by day 100 I must have the film complete and ready to show you. I love filmmaking, but I also love teaching people how to make films. So, watch my behind the scenes educational videos covering all aspects of the creative process,  from producing to directing, production design, cinematography and editing. You can also check out all the feature film production paperwork including the pitch deck, script, schedule documents, and much more...

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What to Expect

Join me on this journey, download the document and watch the videos

Filmmaking equipment
Film production documents
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